Trichambaram Temple

Trichambaram Temple is a Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna located in Taliparamba town of Kannur about 20 Km away. There are no documentary evidence available to show exactly when this holy place was built .There is a reference to this in the sanskrit epic (Moosa kava sam) penned by the court poet of the Kolathiri king Athulan in 1100 Ad .The reference says that the popular ruler vallabhan II renovated the trichambaram Sreekrishna temple during that period.

The sanctum sanctorum is in squarish shape. Inside the main temple there is a Bhagavathy shrine facing Lord Krishna, with a lotus in her hands. Behind the main sanctum sanctorum there is the enshrinement of Ananthasayanam. This sanctum sanctorum is believed to be the abode of Lord Balabhadra, Sri Krishnas elder brother . The temple also contains one of the most exquisite collection of mural paintings in south India.

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On the Northern tip towards the East front of the temple there is a holy temple devoted to Devi Durga. The main sanctum sanctorum is surrounded on all sides by water. On one corner of this temple is the holy platform popular as “Neerozhukkum Tharaa”. On the festival days after each days ceremony at the Pookothnada the two idols are rested on this platform with a suitably decorated seat.On the south western corner is situated the temple devoted to Swami Ayyappa. It is believed that this idol is a self-generated deity (Swayambhoo).On the north western side there is a Siva Temple managed by Agni Hotri Brahmans. This is called ‘Mulangeswaram Siva Temple’. On the northern side of the Durga Temple there is the holy Vishnutheertham. On the southern side there is the ‘Pundakulam’. A pond meant for oblation rituals.

Trichambaram temple

By- ARUNKUMAR P.R (Flickr)

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