Famous Tourist Beaches of Kerala

Kerala is a place popular for its beautiful beaches and the majestic Western Ghats.With the added magic of the laid back backwaters and beautiful waterfalls this place truly deserves to be called the God ’s own country. With the Arabian Sea visible till infinity from these beaches we bring you some of the best beaches of Kerala where you can have a great time with your loved ones and even if you are a solo traveler.

Top Beach Destination of Kerala

Kovalam Beach

Unarguably the best beach in Kerala it extends upto a coastline of 17 kms and comprises of three beautiful beaches. The beach got its name from the grove of coconut trees present here locally called Kovalam. The beach is divided into three parts which together for this famous crescent shaped beach.

  • The lighthouse beach- Named so because of the lighthouse present here on the rocky shoreline, this beach is the one frequented by the tourists. The lights of the lighthouse cast a heavenly charm over this place in the evenings.
  • Hawah Beach- The Eve’s beach, commonly known as Hawah beach comes at second number as the beach was earlier a beehive of the local fishermen it is now a prominent part of the tourism at the Kovalam beach.
  • Samudra Beach- the least visited of the three, Samudra beach is a hub of local fishermen and other traders. It is separated from the southern part of the Kovalam.

Kovalam Beach

Varkala Beach

About 50kms from Thiruvananthapuram , Varkala Beach is the only place in southern Kerala where the mountains stand side by side to the ocean. Along the beach there are several fresh water streams rich with minerals. It is also said that the best view of sunset is visible from this beach.

Marari Beach

Located 11kms from the popular Alleppey, Marari is known for its beautiful ecology and the cleanness.You can experience little bit of surfing and snorkeling at Marari Beach. Unlike the other commercial beaches of Kerala, Marari is still inhabited by the local fishermen and you can have a glimpse of their life at this beautiful beach.

Varkala Kerala

Bekal Beach

A relatively new tourist spot in the map of Kerala it is popular for the Bekal Fort which is the oldest fort in Kerala. Take a dive into the blue sea at Bekal Beach along the majestic Bekal fort.

Kappad Beach

The Kappad Beach is of historic importance as it was the place where Vasco De Gama first landed and opened the sea trade route between India and the West. This beautiful beach has been recently renovated and have many luxury and semi luxury resorts lined up.

Marari Beach Kerala

Allappuzah beach

The beautiful beach is one of the popular beaches in Kerala. With a beautiful park on the coast line and a lighthouse the visit to this beach is also referred s the Venice of the east by travelers from across the world for its majestic backwaters. The beach has a good visitor rush from across the country and from European nations.

Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach lies on the Coast of Arabian Sea at a distance of 5kms from Guruvayoor and is one of the best beaches along the west coast lined with coconut tree. At Chavakkad, one of the major attractions is the confluence of the sea with the river, and temples located nearby are also major crowd puller.

Cherai Beach Kerala

Beypore Beach

Located at the mouth of river Chalyar about 10 kms from Khozikode (Calicut), Beypore Beach has a rich history of trading and transaction. Currently it is the second largest port in Kerala after Kochin. It is also popular for the 1500 years old shipping history and the manufacturing of the wooden boats called Dhows.

Cherai Beach

The Cherai Beach, located on the north-end of the Vypeen Island is an ideal place for swimming. Lined with luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields, this sandy beach is a unique combination of the sea and the backwaters, studded with seashells of various hues and shapes. One of the most interesting and exciting fact of the beach is that Dolphins are occasionally seen here.

Kannur Beach

It is one of the off track destinations of Kerala, known for its secluded beaches and the culture aspect of Kerala. Kannur Beach is a destination for those interested in staying away from the commercialized beaches. There are some laidback, delightful and inexpensive resorts here which are always open for visitors.

So what are you thinking of pick up your bags and head out to these mesmerizing beautiful places. You surely won’t be disappointed.

Marari Beach Kerala

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