Attukal Devi Temple

Attukal Devi Temple is renowned and ancient temple in south Kerala.Attukal Temple is situated 2 kilometres to the south-east from Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It is situated on the banks of Killi River.Attukal temple is also known as “the Sabarimala of Women” .The Temple is renowned for the worshiped of Goddess Bhagavathi in a form of Parvathi devi ,Devotees as Goddess Parvathi Devi as Amma, Attukal Amma, and also Kannaki.The Temple and its main festival Pongala festival also reached Guinness Book of World Records, when 1.5 million women offered Pongala in Feb 23, 1997.The Pongala Mahotsavam is the most important festival of Attukal Bhagavathy Temple. The Goddess in the temple of Attukal is worshipped as the Supreme Mothe rcreator of all living beings and the mighty preserver as well as destroyer of them all. the Attukal Devi (Attukal Amma) is supreme power, capable of delivering all the wishes of her devotees. It is located at a rural-looking area and the surroundings area are highly urbanized.
Diety:Goddess Kannaki(Parvathi)

History and Architecture

As Few year ago century, the head of Mulluveettil family was met with a young girl asked him to help her cross the Killi river.The Karanava family knew she was no ordinary girl. He bowed before her and willingly took her to the other side of the river. He invited her to his home. However, they couldn’t find her as she had disappeared by the time Mulluveettil family was ready to receive her.The Karanavar family saw the girl once again in his dream, in the same day as he saw the little girl.The girl appeared as an icon and told him to give her an abode in the nearby kava. She told him that he would see three lines in the kavu and she wanted her there. the old man reached the Kavu. he found three lines marked on the ground. He knew it was a sacred spot and wasted no time erecting a temple.The temple became the abode of the goddess, who later came to be known as Attukal Devi temple. Local people of the villages started prayers in the temple after soon the temple fame spread all over the country.The girl that appeared before the Karanavar of Mulluveettil family is known to be Kannaki.The goddess was represented as a woman with four arms, each bearing a spear, sword, skull and shield.

Th Attukal temple Architecture style is elements of both Kerala and Tamil styles of architecture. The Front part of the gopurams are designed with beautiful icons from the story of goddess Kannaki .The Exterior of the Attukal temple are covered with numerous sculptures of gods, Hindu gods, goddesses ,Goddess kannagi and the stories of Dassavataram.The temple doors and internal wall of the temple are covered with several sculptures of Gods like Lord Ganapathi , Lord Siva, etc.There are two idols of the Goddess in the sanctum sanctorum.The original idol is decorated with gold ornamental embedded with installed stones that makes its beautiful.The second idol is located besides the original one.At the center of the Sanctum sanctorum within the Sreekovil, at a consecrated spot is installed the idol of the Goddess Attukal Bhagavathy with lights and lustre.The Attukal Devi Temple has separate shrines for lord shiva ,lord Ganpati , Madan Thampuran, and Lord Nagaraja.

Attukal Temple Festival

Pongala festival is famous annual festival celebrated on the Malayalam month of Makaram.Pongala festival is held in ten-day long festival and Women offer pongala in a radius of about 5 Km.In pongala festival women folk, reached Guinness Book of World Records events are celebrated. Million of womens gather every year in the month of Kumbham around the temple and prepare Pongala for the worship of Goddess Kannaki. Irrespective of caste and religion, people in large numbers come to Attukal Temple premises to offer pongala to the Goddess. During the festival Kuthiyottam performed by boys below the age of 13 year, Thalappoli performed by the girls on the ninth day .Traditional dressing of young girls is major attraction who hold a thaalam with flowers, a lighted oil lamp, and offerings to the Goddess Attukal Amma.Attukkal Bhagavathy festival is ten-day festival celebrate with Kuruthi Tharpanam, a pooja, held at night.Mandala Vratham Festival is also celebrated in connection with the annual Utsavam of Sabarimala. On Vinayaka Chathurthi occasion people worship the goddess of Lord Ganapathy.There are many festival are celebrated like Sivarathri, Karthika, Ayilya Pooja , Aiswarya Pooia ,Pooja Vaypu and Akhandanama Japam etc.

How to Reach

By Road / Bus Station :Trivandrum Central Bus Station is located at Thampannor is just 2 km away from Attukal Devi Temple Whereas Thiruvananthapuram City Bus Station is located at East Fort is just 1.5 km away from the temple.

By Train / Railway Station : Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station at Thampannor is the nearest railway station.

By Air / Airport : Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is nearest Airport located at Valiyathura, is about 7 km away from the temple.

Attukal Devi Temple


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