Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple

Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Trivandrum, Kerala, about a minute walk distance from the southern gate of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Tempe.The temple was developed in the year of 1898. Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple is only one of the temple in Kerala ,dedicated to the Vaishanavite Vadakalai Sambradayam. this temple is also known as Srinivasar kovil, Perumal Kovil, Iyyengar Kovil or Desikar Sannidhi.Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple is located in the vicinity of Sivakasi. Located on the banks of River Vaipparu in Sattur town.The sanctum sanctorum which houses the awe-inspiring idol of the Lord of the Seven Hills is situated in the main temple complex of Tirumala. The temple of Sri Venkateswara has acquired unique sanctity in Indian religious lore.The temple is 800 year old temple at present became popular after a belief that a blind king regained his sight by worshiping at this temple.Soon after some year the temple shrines became popular and started attracting devotees from different parts of the district.The temple is said to be good for those suffering from heart diseases

Darshan Timing: At morning: 7.00am to 10.30am and At Evening: 5.00pm to 8.00pm


The temple was built in 1898.Around hundreds of year ago there was one Ranga Iyengar of Veeravanallur saw the idol in a pond near his house.Sree Ranganatha Satagopa Yateendra Mahadesikar, was installed the idol , forty Azhkiya Singar according to the ‘Paadmasamhitai’ of the ‘Paancharathra Agamanam’. Jeer give an instruction to the Ranga Iyengar’s family that the eldest son in Ranga Iyengar’s family has became the main priest of the temple and administration charges is given to him for the last three generations.In 1951, the Act of 1933 was replaced by an enactment whereby the administration of TTD was entrusted to a Board of Trustees, and an Executive Officer was appointed by the Government .It was during the rule of the Vijayanagar dynasty that the contributions to the temple increased.In 1843 AD, the East India Company divested itself of the direct management of non-Christian places of worship and native religious institutions. The administration of the shrine of Sri Venkateswara and a number of estates were then entrusted to Sri Seva Dossji of the Hatiramji Mutt at Tirumala, and the temple remained under the administration of the Mahants for nearly a century, till 1933 AD.

Festival and Architecture

Most of the Vaishnava festivals including Vaikunta Ekadasi, Thiru Aadi pooram and Aadi Swathi,Janmashtami, Alwar Thirunakshtram are celebrated in Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple.Among from these festivals the other national festivals like Pongal,deepawali, Vishnu and Onam festival are also celebrated with lots of joys.At the time of festival Temple are decorated with lots of lights and flowers.Desikar was celebrated every year in the month of Purattasi Brahmotsavam.The festival starts from 10 days before the Thiruvonam day.Desikar At the the Evening Vedam and Divya Prabhanda Parayanam are conducted.The festival ends with Theertha Vaari for Venkatachalapathy Perumal Vedanta Desikar. Garuda Vahanam is the most attractive feature of the festival .The Garuda Vahanam is taken out on all the Saturdays of the Purattasi month. The temple does not have a ‘Gopuram’. The architecture style of Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple is another feature of Tamil style not made in Kerala style of architecture.The wood carvings inside the temple and external parts are similar to other Kerala temples.

How to Reach

By Bus : Thiruvananthapuram City Bus Station is the nearest bus station just a few kilometer walking distance from the temple. Trivandrum Central Bus Station at East Fort is located opposite to the railway station.

By Flight/ Airport: Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple. The airport is located 7 km away from the temple.

By Train: Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station just 1 km away from Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple.Himsagar Express , Rajdhani Express, Howrah Express, Sabari Express and Guruvayur Express all these are the major trains passing through Trivandrum Railway Station.

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    I am Venkatesan, son of Late Marikar Srinivasa Iyengar.
    Kindly inform me the telephone number of the koil Archakar immediately.


    I am Venkatesan, son of late Marikar Srinivasa Iyengar of Dheekshadar Street.
    Inform me telephone number of Koil Archakar by mail at the earliest.

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