Agasthyarkoodam or Agasthyakoodam is a peak located in Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary of Western Ghats of Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram District. It is about 1,868 meters above the sea level . It is one of the tallest peaks of Kerala and is located at the border of Kerala State and Tamil Nadu State.Thamirabarani River originates from this mountain range and flows to Tamil Nadu State of India.

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Agasthyakoodam is also known for pilgrimage importance and is devotees come here to offer prayers to Sage Agastya one of the Sage among Saptarishi in Hindu Puranas . The peak also named after the sage. There is a full-sized statue of Agathiyar at the top of the peak and the devotees can offer pujas themselves. Neyyar Dam is located about 32 km from here. Apart from pilgrimage spot it is a great trekking place which attracts lots of tourist from all around the world. One can only reach the top of the mountain via trekking. The peak offers breathtaking view of the surrounding areas.

Trekking is allowed based on strict guidelines and is open to pilgrims during January to mid March. Trekking passes are issued by Kerala Forest Department from the district office at Trivandrum. The mountain also houses some of the rarest medicnal plants , It is the habitat for 2,000 varieties of medicinal plants, of which at least 50 are rare and endangered species.


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